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Melinda Marcus, M.A. (Full Bio)
inPSYCHS™ Developer
Coach, Speaker and Workshop Leader

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inPSYCHS4grads is designed for students who aspire to graduate to a great career or graduate school. The same presentation and communication strategies that work for seasoned executives will increase your opportunity for success in your interview process.

SMU Contest Winner:

Gilbert Ji

inPSYCHS graduates have received great offers from:

Pizza Hut
Corporate headquarters
Mary Kay Cosmetics
Corporate headquarters
Universal McCann
National media agency
The Richards Group
National advertising agency
Sullivan Perkins
National design firm
Baylor Hospital Foundation
Medical foundation
Real estate management systems
Public Relations
Banking services
Johns Hopkins
Masters, International Business
Dental School
University of Texas, Houston
Dental School

How much is your investment in coaching worth?

For the graduate clients of our inPSYCHS program, their results have generated 10 times their investment in salary, and that is just for their first year in business.
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Is your resume jumping out of the stack?

Employers are getting thousands of job applications for each opening they have and they simply don’t have the time to read every resume. If yours doesn’t grab them instantly, it will be filed quickly . . . in the circular file called “Trash.”
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Can your cell phone improve your chances to get hired?

Now you can get the advantages of proven tools and processes to help you win job offers in the way that best meets your needs...


About inPSYCHS

Imagine what it would feel like to walk into an interview and feel completely comfortable with the way you present yourself. You would know exactly how to best connect with the person interviewing you. No question would throw you, because you have the tools to answer anything they throw at you . . .

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When you are competing with hundreds – or even thousands – of applicants, you need a psychological advantage to win the offer. That’s why students choose inPSYCHS4grads.

Speeches & Workshops

Melinda offers workshops for colleges, grad schools, alumni associations and student organizations on what it takes to win great career offers. Based on her years of experience as a coach for graduates, she shares insights that can make the difference between winning a great opportunity or getting another rejection letter.

Coaching & Development

Ever wonder why a promising lead never turned into a job offer? Do you have second thoughts about the way you answer questions in an interview? Wish you could read minds to see what kind of first impression you really make on decision makers?